We are continuously searching for new talent and suppliers to join our growing list of preferred suppliers.

How we work:

  • We create a full webpage for your talent, service or company on our website.
  • The page on our website does not reflect your contact details.
  • As we receive enquiries we will refer clients to you based on their requirements
  • Alternatively site users may view your page and request your details
  • We will link the client with the supplier.
  • We do not at any time quote on behalf of companies. No one sells your product better then you. We simply create a client and supplier link.

Costs involved:

We charge a commission of between 2.5 to 5% on confirmed events or shows only. These are payable by the supplier or talent to us when they receive payment from their new client. We set this rate with each supplier beforehand. We only charge commission on certain items. We do not charge commission on expenses incurred by the supplier.

The fine print:

  • We may at any time request a copy of the invoice sent to the client.
  • We may at any time request a copy of the invoice received by the customer
  • The supplier or company must at all times ensure that their terms are followed included terms of payment. We do not accept any responsibility for customers that have not paid.
  • It is also the responsibility of the talent or supplier to provide and maintain their excellent quality service to the client. Should this not be the case then we have the right to remove the talent or supplier from our site.
  • DjH Entertainment does not accept ant responsibility to towards suppliers or clients, payments, service, or delivery. We simply work as a referral agency and provide additional choice. Clients or suppliers must set their own contractual agreements between each other.

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